miércoles, julio 23, 2008

Gruul: Cómo derrotar a Maulgar

1. High King Maulgar

Configuracion Healers:
High King Maulgar 3 Healers
Firehand 2 Healers
Summoner 2 Healers
Seer 1 Healer
Crazed 1 Healer

Segun vayan muriendo los adds, el combate se hace cada vez más facil al ir liberandose los healers para apoyar a la Raid, y asistir sobre el Tanke del High King Maulgar.

Orden de los Kill:

1. Priest(Blindeye the Seer)
2. Warlock(Olm the Summoner)
3. Mage(Krosh Firehand)
4. Shaman(Kiggler the Crazed)
5. High King Maulgar

Habilidades de los Adds:

- Priest(Blindeye the Seer):

Single target heals, can be interrupted.
Prayer of Healing Area of Effect heal which heals the caster and all the other adds for 40% of their life (100,000 hp heal). Roughly a 30 yard range and a 4 second cast.
Melees for 3k.
Susceptible to Curse of Tongues, Mind-numbing, Wound Poison, Stun as long as his Shield is not up.
When he casts his shield (similar to Power Word: Shield), he starts a long cast Prayer of Healing, a 20 - 30 yard area of effect heal which will heal all of the mobs for about 40% of their HP. He will be immune to interrupts when his shield is up as well. DPS down the shield immediately so the rogues and warriors can interrupt the heal.

- Warlock(Olm the Summoner)

Summons a felhunter every minute or two. Banish or Enslave them or else they will harm your raid.
Deathcoil Single fear to the main tank on the Summoner and causes 2,000 damage and heals him for 4,000.
Dark Decay This is a 500 Damage per Tick spell that can only be dispelled by his Felstalkers with a self cast spell. He will target random raid members and cast it on them. Have Shadow Protection up to reduce the damage from this spell.
Melees for 3k.

- Mage(Krosh Firehand)

Blastwave 6-7k Fire Damage every 10-15s. Point Blank area effect, about 20 yards.
Fireball 8-9k Fire Damage constantly, 4 second cast.
Fire Ward Shield Self buff, reduced fire damage taken. A mage should definitely use Spellsteal on this buff.
Melees for 3k.

- Shaman(Kiggler the Crazed)

Sheeps very frequently.
Lightning Bolt is chain casted at a 20 yard range on the highest aggro for 800-1500 Nature Damage.
AoE Knockback 10 yard range and does 2.5k damage.
Melees for 3k.

- High King Maulgar

Melees plate for ~5-6k, 8-11k crushing.
Arcing Smash A powerful cleave that hits around the front of Maulgar for 8-12k on plate.
Whirlwind Momentarily spins round, and hits anyone around him for 7k on plate. It is advised that he is away from the raid and only the healers near him (see diagram below).

Melee can easily die if they attempt to melee High King Maulgar due to this Whirlwind. The safest time for them to attack him is just after he has used it, but it is still dangerous and it may be best to just attack him from range. Some boss mods can give a rough warning when a Whirlwind is approaching, allowing melee to back out.

Enrage At 50% health, High King Maulgar enrages (he turns red and loses his hammer) and gains two new abilities:
Fear (Enraged only) An area of effect fear, so the tank should be Fear Warded, and/or have Tremor Totems up. The fear doesn't have a large range and any ranged DPS or healers will be unaffected. It occurs every 40-50 seconds.
Charge (Enraged only) High King Maulgar charges a non-feared target. After the charge, the main tank will need to bring him right back into position. You may also choose to have an off tank for this stage to help bring him back to position, then have the main tank take aggro back shortly after.